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The Stealth Reporter
Currently on assignment to The Stealth Reporter, read all about what's happening at Washoe County School District as they appeal to the Washoe County Commission for a new sales tax and a new property tax.

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Nevada Accountability
Leading the way to a more transparent and accountable government at all levels, I'm currently starting up Nevada Accountability to develop regular and systematic processes using official government information and sources.

These classic podcasts are from the Summer of 2010, the Nevada Vision Stakeholders Group eventually was declared a failure, and the final report discredited by many in the Nevada Legislature. At a taxpayer cost of over $300,000 to provide an academic reason to raise taxes, and create new taxes, much of what was discussed and the methods used continue in different forms today.

Senator Stakeholder explaining why the "Squishy" report isn't required to raise taxes, it's just the RIGHT thing to do.

Vision Stakeholder Group on violating the Open Meeting Law

Vision Stakeholder Group on the Squishy Report

Vision Stakeholder Group on the Klunky Process

Vision Stakeholder Group introduction of Chairman Robert Lang PhD of the Bookings Institute, and the Sociology Department of UNLV

Vision Stakeholder Group on Early Childhood Education

Vision Stakeholder Group on Goals and Ideas

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